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Sunday,January 17, 2009

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Hey there! Jim Loving here.Here are a couple of short articles on STRESS
and hypnosis.


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Relaxation Meditation Scripts
January 16, 2010
Relaxation Meditation Scripts
Some say that hypnosis has a very peripheral place in medicine today. Its benefits are seen as dubious at best. But by performing self hypnosis, relaxation can be better, deeper and longer lasting than you ever thought possible. Once you have learnt the basic techniques, then self hypnosis can be achieved quickly at any time of day.
Self hypnosis is different from pure meditation. While through meditation we can try to relax, it is difficult to concentrate if we have many stressors throughout the day. By sitting and trying to empty your mind, that is exactly when the negative thoughts and things that didn't get done through the day can enter your mind and have free reign to wander around your brain.
Self hypnosis techniques on the other hand often use affirmations. That is, sentences that we can use to go into a deeply hypnotic state and other sentences that we can use to boost the ego in some way. So you may start by sitting or lying in a calm, serene place away from worldly distractions, and you could say something to induce the hypnotic state. Then choose several affirmations to calm and relax your body.
A very popular one quite often used by pregnant women is to start to relax every single part of your body. So you lie down and say, 'my toes are feeling heavy and realxed', 'my feet are feeling heavy and relaxed', 'my ankles...' etc all the way up your body until your reach the top of your head. When done properly, this only takes about fifteen minutes, but it gives a wonderfully deep relaxation.
It has been proven that these relaxation techniques do have a physiological basis. When someone enters into a hypnotic trance, whether self imposed or not, the body starts to produce fewer stress inducing chemicals such as adrenaline and more calming chemicals and hormones.
Holistic Healing For Stress Management
January 16, 2010
If you find that you are feeling more and more overwhelmed lately, are frequently getting ill, feel on edge, or feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders, it may be time to get help with stress and learn new methods for managing stress and stress relief. While there are numerous stress types that interfere with our daily lives, from the psychological stress caused by relationships to the pressure caused by deadlines and work demands and additional stress caused by financial matters, getting help with stress and managing stress effectively can help you be more at peace, more productive, and improve your mental and physical well being.
There are a number of holistic medicines and alternative medicine practices that can help with stress and eliminate anxiety, depression, and worry in your own life. While exercise and proper nutrition are essential, there are a number of other techniques that take a minimal amount of time to do and can help you to remain balanced and at peace throughout the day.
Aromatherapy has been found to have a number of health benefits for people suffering from a number of mental and physical illnesses, and can not only help with stress, but can also leave you feeling more relaxed and improve your overall mood. One of the strongest aromatherapy scents on the market today is lily of the valley, and it has been found to not only help with stress, but also to alleviate anxiety and improve mood. While a number of calming aromatherapy scents are available as essential oils that can be inhaled throughout the day, something as simple as a scented aromatherapy candle or a fresh essential oil spray throughout your home or office can have a profound effect on your mood throughout the day.
Another important factor to consider when it comes to help with stress is natural nutrition. What you put into your body affects your overall equilibrium and toxins from processed foods, caffeine, and trans fats can interfere with the body' ability to process increased levels of cortisol and leave you feeling more stressed. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies can have a major effect on your overall health, decrease your immune system, and make your more susceptible to illness and disease. It is important to keep your body fueled with the right amount of essential nutrients and avoid as many potential hidden toxins as possible. Added preservatives, sugars, and even contact with certain plastics can all negatively affect your overall health.
Holistic medicines and other over the counter supplements can also help with stress and improve your body's ability to metabolize fats as well as fight off germs and bacteria. Co-enzyme Q10 is another valuable over the counter supplement that can help with stress, alleviate depression, and also improve the mitochondrial function of cells to repair themselves, further warding off infection and disease.
In addition to daily exercise and meditation and hypnosis centering exercises, it has also been proven that laughter is good medicine, and is another great way to help with stress. If you find that you haven't laughed in awhile, find a way to get your daily dose of laughter through videos, comics, jokes, or other funny sayings.

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